Our Services

The following is a VERY brief outline of some of the products and services we can offer.

· Design, development and manufacture of electronic and radio equipment. · Control of (e.g.) pumps equipment via low power licence free radio. · Data transmission via radio. · Video and sound transmission via radio. · Embedded microprocessor control. · Voice storage alarms and single channel radio repeater controller. · Analogue and digital telemetry via radio. · Linking of alarm control panels via radio. · CCTV camera control via radio. · Radio direction finding equipment. · Remote alarm monitoring. · 2 way radio equipment – portables – mobiles – base stations. · VHF and UHF antennas for 2 way radio base and mobile. · GPS timing and frequency reference systems. · Radio modems from 300 to 19200 BPS. · Pulse encoder / decoder for remote meter reading. · GPS vehicle / asset tracking. · Irrigation control equipment.· Microwave video transmission. · Licence free Data-radio modules.”