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DAKA was established in 1977 as a company to provide electronic kits and modules for the South African hobby and professional market.
The need soon
became obvious for specialised modules or projects to be completed for many users. The business has grown into one that supplies many solutions to requirements in the location, security, farming, industrial, data, video, telecontrol and telemetry fields. Many of our products are exported to Europe and Africa where they either form part of, or are a complete solution to a particular requirement. The staff of DAKA have a wide knowledge of RF products having designed and developed units in the DC to 50 GHz region on behalf of many companies.

Coupled with this is many years experience in the television and communications industry both in the transmission and reception fields. This has led DAKA to develop video and sound transmission equipment for many applications over the last fourteen years. DAKA were one of the first companies in South Africa to use radio frequencies for the tracking, monitoring and control of moving assets such as high value plant and vehicles. This has resulted in location and tracking systems being exported to Europe and Africa in particular.

DAKA have the experience, knowledge, facilities and more importantly, the dedicated staff, to design, develop and implement solutions to many problems. We have worked with institutes such as universities, Transtel, and the CSIR, to produce equipment and modules for many unusual applications. Please contact us for that “hard to find” answer to your requirements. Virtually all of the top one hundred companies in South Africa have been touched by a DAKA product or service. It is this involvement in South Africa that DAKA team members pride themselves upon.